Top 10 Tips To Use Fabric Shower Curtains

Having a good shower curtain is always very important. The fabric shower curtains are some of the most popular shower curtains. This is attributed to the fact that they are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain. These curtains are made using different types of fabrics and as a result, one gets the freedom to choose the preferred fabric. They also have additional features such as liners which make using them more convenient. By knowing these qualities one can easily get the best shower curtain liner for a fabric shower curtain. Using these curtains can be made more beneficial by knowing how to get the best from the curtains. Here are the top 10 tips to use fabric shower curtains.

1. Wash Regularly

The top fabric shower curtains are made in a way that they are water resistant. But since they are made using fabrics they usually absorb moisture which can in turn result in stains. To ensure the curtains do not get stains it is advisable to wash them regularly. One just needs to wash them according to the manufacturer’s description.

2. Match with Décor

One of the main reasons why fabric shower curtains are so popular is that they are available in different colors and patterns. This gives people the freedom to choose the colors and patterns that match the décor on their bathrooms. By matching with the decor one makes the entire bathroom look more attractive and elegant.

3. Choose the Right Size

These shower curtains also come in different sizes. This gives the users opportunities to choose the perfect sizes for their bathrooms. One just needs to measure the size of the bathroom before getting the right curtain. If the curtain is too big or too small it will not fit properly and as a result one will not get the best from the curtain.

4. Use a Liner

Even if the fabric shower curtains are made in a way that they do not absorb moisture it is always advisable to use a liner. By getting the best shower curtain liner enhances the durability of the curtain by ensuring it does not get damaged easily. This also gives one freedom to even splash water on the curtain while showering therefore allowing more convenient showering.

5. Repair Damages

Incase the fabric shower curtain being used has a tear it is advisable to do repairs as soon as possible. This is because if the tear is left without being repaired it will eventually become bigger. With a big tear the curtain will not be able to provide optimum privacy and it will wear out faster.

6. Spread the Curtain

It is advisable to leave the shower curtains made of fabric spread even when not using the bathroom. This clearly shows the colors and patterns on the curtain. This also allows the curtains to dry faster in case they had absorbed moisture.

7. Keep Pets Away

Pets especially cats like to play with things such as shower curtains. By playing with a fabric curtain the pet might cause damage through its claws. One might not be able to prevent the pets from playing with the curtain at all times. But it is advisable to try as much as possible to protect the curtain. One can train the pet that playing with the curtain is wrong so that the pet can stay away from the curtain even when there is no one at home.

8. Have Several Pairs

Having just a single fabric shower curtain can become monotonous and boring. This is because after using the curtain for a certain period one gets used to the particular colors. Since these curtains are very durable many people tend to use them for years without changing. But it is advisable to refresh the appearance of the bathroom by having several pairs of curtains. They can be of the same color but with different patterns so that they can always match the décor even after being changed.

9. Avoid Pulling

At times the curtain might get stuck on the rail as it is being closed or opened. Some people think that by pulling one will be able to solve this problem. If one pulls the curtain it might get damaged and this might require the curtain to be replaced or require costly repairs. In case the curtain gets stuck on the rail one should deal with the rail without necessarily pulling the curtain.

10. Install properly

Installing this kind of shower curtain is easy and can be done by almost anyone. But it is possible for one to make mistakes that can hinder proper performance. It is advisable to install the curtain properly by following the right steps. Most of these curtains come with instructions on how to install them. Therefore, by following the outlined tips one can be able to use a fabric shower curtain in a better way and as a result, get optimum benefits from the curtain.

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